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Family child support case results in Dad's child support terminated. (Dec 2017):
Dad asked for our help to stop child support for his aged-out children. The problem was that he had significant arrears still due. We stopped the child support and setup a payment plan at a minimal amount that allowed Dad to remain in compliance, and no contempt.
Two and a half year old indictment dropped to simple DUI! (Dec 2017):
Client was charged with multiple DUI's, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, damage to propery, fleeing after an accident and failure to appear. All dropped to a single, non-enhanced DWI charge. Montgomery County, Maryland.
Smashing victory on multi-count indictment! (Nov 2017):
So what does happen if you receive a second DUI after the first DUI was for serious property damage and injury to another? Nothing good! Our client was facing thirteen counts in an indictment set for trial in November. All charges but one simple DWI dropped. Argued at sentencing that there should be no jail - and we won. Our client walked out of Court a free man. Want the same results? Call us! This was in Montgomery County, Maryland.
EEO Case on cusp of settlement -- we convinced the Agency to stop before it started!. (Nov 2017):
Our client was sexually harassed, and then retaliated against when she complained. A manager, Ms. Lockley [not her real name] was demoted and then given a bad review. We helped draft the complaint, and continue to guide her through the process. When you know the law, and you know the facts, you win cases.
Another protective order victory gives mom back her home. (Nov 2017):
After a grueling ordeal of her and her child living in her car for seven days, we successfully defeated a protective order hearing in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Sometimes, doing the right thing means fighting for those with no voice at all.
Attempts to trap Client Fail -- Protective Order dropped! (Oct 2017):
Joey Tutone, our newest addition at Hanover Law, forced a smashing victory when a case involving multiple children and alleged abuse was dropped in full by the alleging parent. This was done after evidence was presented that made continuing the case "pointless." Mr. Tutone will now pursue divorce and custody action on behalf of our client.
After a multi-year fight, Hanover Law client wins green-card! (Oct 2017):
The current Administration in the Whitehouse has caused serious problems for LPR applicants. This customer came to us several years ago, and despite the new Administration, our appeal and "fight" resulted in success!
Hanover Law files with the Supreme Court! (Sep 2017):
Hanover Law is proud to announce our first case filed with the Supreme Court of the United States. The brief, in book form, was over 350 pages (including the appendix). When only the best will do, call us.

Hanover Law wins employment discrimination case against a Government Agency. (Sep 2017)
Major DC juvenile sex assault case results in all charges dismissed!. (Aug 2017)
Cheating landlord crushed! Virginia district court. (Aug 2017)
75+ year sentence reduced to 4 years (all concurrent) due to success with jury. (Jul/Sep 2017)
4th circuit rules in our favor. (May 2017)
Client wins significant case against Federal Agency. (May 2017)

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In 2014, Hanover Law was accredited for international law and immigration business law. Bring your business formation and partnering questions to us. Let us guide you in L1, EB and E visas, as well as starting and managing businesses in the United States.