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Major DC juvenile sex assault case results in all charges dismissed!. (Aug 2017):
Our client was wrongly accused of molestation and sexual assault of a child. After a seven month protracted court engagement, and only two days before trial, the State capitulated and petitioned the Court to drop all charges. Hanover Law does not back down from a trial, and is not cowed by the alleged overwhelming resources of the Government.
Virginia Landlord/Tenant case results in $691 victory and no reconstruction fees for our client. (Aug 2017):
A landlord in Fairfax, VA was attempting to charge a low income tenant over $3000 for repairs to her unit after she left. We successfully defended the client, pro bono, and actually received ~$700 back from her original security deposit. Hanover Law takes working with the community seriously!
DC victory results in reduction of 50 years and 9 charges dropped in gun/drug case. (July 2017):
When it comes to jury trials, Hanover Law is your go-to law firm! All felony asaults against police, and use of a firearm in the assault on police were dropped. Drug quantity dropped to misdemeanor level.
4th Circuit rules in our favor - case vacated and remanded. (May 2017):
The underlying case was settled favorably for our client, but the matter of opposing counsel attorney fees was still hotly contested. The Maryland District Court's holding on the issue was vacated and remanded (in our favor). Sean R. Hanover, and Jennifer Anukem were on the brief.

Client wins significant case against Federal Agency. (May 2017):
In Corporate Dispute, HL stops technical misuse of the Court process. (May 2017)
After two years, EEO and MSPB case ends in 6 dgit victory for client. (Apr 2017):
A protective order/divorce action stopped dead in its tracks! Another family law victory in VA/DC. (Apr 2017)
Multiple felony charges dropped to single misdemeanor to avoid immigration consequences in Fairfax, VA. (Apr 2017)
Family law success! Victory in significant DC divorce case (Mar 2017)

Hanover Law is dedicated to providing the DC area with high quality, affordable legal help. Family, criminal, immigration, tax and business law. Additionally, we understand how these areas of laws intersect, ensuring you get the best outcome when faced with a variety of legal issues.

Our law firm practices in Washington D.C. and Virginia. If you need a lawyer, give us a call- your first phone consultation will be free. We want to ensure that everyone can afford a good attorney. We offer low retainers and flexible payment plans.

Hanover Law Receives
International Business Law Accreditation

In 2016, Hanover Law was accredited for international law and immigration business law. Bring your business formation and partnering questions to us. Let us guide you in L1, EB and E visas, as well as starting and managing businesses in the United States.