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Pro-Bono Law Services

Our work at the Lamb Center and Support for Low Income Clients

Hanover Law believes strongly that giving back to the community is not only a responsibility, but also a privilege. We actively engage low income clients at both our practice and at local charity organizations to ensure not only fair representation for all income levels, but to demonstrate that lawyers are willing to listen and help -- it's not all about money.

  • Does Hanover Law offer free legal services?
    Not directly. However, we do offer free services through the Lamb Center, an outreach and local shelter for homeless and impoverished in the Northern Virginia and surrounding areas. Visit the Lamb Center for more information on their services, and how you can get assistance through the Center.

  • Does Hanover Law offer discounted legal services?
    Absolutely! We encourage any individual who needs legal assistance to contact us, regardless of income. We will try to arrange a payment plan that matches your income. Discount rates are available for qualified individuals.

Hanover Law supports the Lamb Center

Our firm has been working at the Lamb Center since early 2012. During that time we have assisted numerous clients with matters ranging from family law to immigration. We are proud to support the Lamb Center's outreach programs, and look forward to continuing our activities on behalf of their guests.

Attorney Sean Hanover at the Lamb Center (April 2012).

Fred Tello, Immigration and Spanish specialist, and
Charlet Herr, Practice Manager (May 2012)

Dave Larrabee, Director, sorting through guest
files (May 2012)

Attorney Hanover, Patti Brown (Asst. Director), and David Larrabbe (Director) outside of the Lamb Center (April 2012).

New clients at the Lamb Center (called "guests") are interviewed before being admitted for services at the Center. Once a guest has been approved by a Lamb Center intake volunteer, he or she is eligible for free food, use of shower and personal grooming facilities, and use of reduced or free laundry and cleaning services. Basic medical care is provided by a licensed nurse, and a county social worker provides counseling and relief support where needed.

In addition to material and in-kind support, the Lamb Center provides spiritual guidance and daily Bible study. While the Center is open to all faiths and all people, participation in the Bible study is gently encouraged, and counseling sessions are available for those seeking a closer relationship with God.

Although prayer is key, sometimes a more direct approach is needed, and that's where Hanover Law steps in. We can't solve all the guests problems, but we provide significant legal resources to stop improper actions against guests, and help ensure they receive fair, equal treatment under the law.

Each client that requests to speak with us, or is referred by the Lamb Center directly, is interviewed by an attorney or trained legal professional belonging to the firm. We provide free background checks, counseling on legal matters, and when recommended by the Lamb Center, trial support.

Guest information, as related to legal matters, is kept separate and apart from other records at the Center, and may only be viewed by the Director, Assistant Director, attorneys or legal staff authorized access. Client confidentiality is very important.

We are honored that the Lamb Center staff continues to ask us to support their guests. Generally, the firm is at the Lamb Center on Tuesday morning from 10:00 - 12:30. We hope to see you there!

"I can't thank you enough! The Judge said he reconsidered my case based on the briefing you filed. I avoided jail and my support was reduced significantly. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!"

- C. Ankers, regarding her "show cause" summons for civil contempt (2nd offense) regarding child support

Making It Matter!

Contact us to arrange an interview for reduced fee legal services!

Donate to the Lamb Center Now!

Donate to support Hanover Law's pro-bono legal defense fund.

All proceeds from this donation are used to pay for indigent or low income defense in Northern Virgina, and DC.

How you can help

We need volunteers to help us with guests at the Center. But more importantly, we can use your donations to assist in offsetting the cost of providing free services. Please consider donating to our pro-bono fund or to the Center directly. Either choice provides desperately needed assistance to your fellow neighbors in Northern Virginia and surrounding areas.