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Gun Laws In Virginia

Who Can Purchase a Gun?

In Virginia, both citizens and Legal Permanent Residents are allowed to purchase guns.

What Are the Laws Regarding Concealed Carry?

Virginia allows for concealed carry licenses, to persons aged 21 and up. In order to get a concealed carry license, a person must complete a recognized firearm training and safety course. For a list of recognized courses, see VA code § 18.2-308.02

Virginia recognizes concealed carry licenses from other states. Regardless of which state issued the concealed carry license, you must carry your license on you at all times and produce it for an officer when asked (VA code § 18.2-308.01).

Are Machine Guns Legal?

While machine guns are legal in the state of Virginia, they must be registered. Registration includes providing the state with the model and serial number of the gun, as well as the name, address, and occupation of the owner. Failure to register a machine gun or to provide the registration to an officer, will result in a class 3 misdemeanor.

The state must be notified of any transfer of ownership. The previous owner must provide the state with the name and address of the transferee as well as the date of transference. Failure to notify the state is class 3 misdemeanor (VA code §18.2-295).

Are Sawed-Off Shot Guns Legal?

Individuals may own sawed-off shot guns that do not fire as novelties or ornaments. Sawed-off shot guns may also be used for scientific purposes, and can be owned by law enforcement.

Possession of a sawed-off shot gun during a crime is a class 2 felony. (VA code § 18.2-300-§ 18.2-304).

Is a VA Concealed Weapons License transferable to other states?

Below is a map of states that recognize VA Concealed Weapons License.

Image source: United States Concealed Carry Association

How Can I Travel With a Gun?

Individuals can transport guns in a personal vehicle without a concealed carry permit, as long as the gun is secured in either a container or compartment. When traveling, make sure to follow all federal guidelines for traveling with a gun.

I Own A Machine Gun And Have To Travel Through D.C.-What Do I Do?

While Machine guns are illegal in D.C., an individual who legally possesses one may travel through D.C. if they have proof that they legally own the gun and are traveling to and from a place where machine guns are legal (DC Code § 22-4504.02).

For more information, make sure to read Virginia's Code §18.2-283-§18.2-308.
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