A recent friend of mine asked for help regarding child support in VA. I thought I would share her question and the answer, so that others seeking similar information could use the help!

In Va, do you know what a typical cost for child support is? My ex only pays me $200 per child per month. I can barely feed and cloth my boys. My ex moved out of state and secretly got remarried. She is the one who writes the checks. She owns her own business and they live in a huge house, where I can barely afford to get my boys decent clothes. We did not go to court. It was uncontested at the time 5 years ago, but now that my boys are older they need more stuff. Can you shed some light on this?

If the divorce happened in VA, than you can use the Virginia guideline calculator to see what child support he should be paying (go here: http://www.supportsolver.com/calculators.htm). This can be a little tricky, but if you spend a couple of minutes on Google, you can figure it out. Not really that tough. You do need to know his income, and have your income handy, too.

The income of his current partner is not relevant to these calculations. No matter how unfair it is, his remarrying (or just living with) a rich person is his choice…you can’t make her pay for your lads.

If you wanted to increase your child support, you would need to take him back to Court (every divorce must be done through the Court – even uncontested divorces need a Court order) and demand a recalculation of child support. As a rule, you can only do this if there has been a material change in circumstance (i.e. one or both of your incomes have changed, or the living situation of the child/-ren hae changed). Be advised that when you do that, if he now has money, he will try to get custody of the kids. The more custody he has (generally), the less he will have to pay (and the reverse corollary is equally true).

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