Immigrating to the US: Green Card vs. US Citizenship

Are you planning to visit and immigrate to the US anytime soon? You are not alone because a lot of people consider moving to the US is a solution to finding their success in life. Yes, moving to another country can be sometimes difficult and confusing. Culture shock is the right word that will describe the feeling connected to moving to US – lifestyle, culture, and set of attitudes. You need to know that in the US, cash is not needed anymore, because credit and debit cards are all you need – cashless transactions.

Aside from the lifestyle and ways of living, the first thing you need to know is the difference between Green Card and US Citizenship. Immigrants are usually confused with these two types of permanent living permits in the US.

Green Card

Green Card is actually not the official term for this. This is actually called the “US Lawful Permanent Residence”. Whoever is granted this will receive a photo identity card that is basically colored green. This is the evidence that you can work and live in the US “permanently”. You can travel in and out of the country and even petition your family members to also receive these Green Cards. However, you can only travel outside of US for a limited time. You can’t also enjoy some privileges and benefits from the Federal Government, such as the right to vote and some health and educational benefits. So if you have a Green Card, you still need to apply for US Citizenship after five years upon receipt.

US Citizenship

US Citizenship, on the other hand, is the highest status that an immigrant can have while in the US. You can now live permanently in the country while enjoying full access to the Federal Government’s privileges and benefits, which means you already earned the right to vote. You can now stay out of the country without the fear of getting deported. Just like the Green Card holders, you can now petition your family members, but more conveniently.

Where to Seek Help?

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