A colleague of mine asked for information on what happens after an adverse decision by the Immigration Court. The Judge ruled against her client, and she sought guidance on how to proceed.

I just received word that my client’s CAT and Withholding claims were denied. I am worried that I may not be able to reach him before he is transferred, and the family is in a panic.

I would like to know:
1. What happens next
2. If he exercises right to appeal, could he be eligible for interim bond/release from custody (Alien AF – conspiracy/100 kilos of marijuana is what landed him in Removal proceedings in the first place) during the wait time?
3. How do we determine where he will be taken, and how can we track his movement so that the family can try to get him some clothing, his I.D’s and some money?

Any insight from those of you who have gone through this, and had to deal with the anxiety the family members are suffering, would be extremely helpful!

In answer, this is a rather complex compound question. Your client will be placed on the “depart roster.” For security reasons, DHS will not release the time or place they will fly your client out from – it largely depends on what country he is going to. If you ask nicely (and it is that random!), you are technically permitted to bring him a single suitcase before he departs. You are right to coordinate this through his D.O. (deportation officer). However, that’s about as much information and access as you will get.

If appeal rights were not waived, he’ll wait 30 days before anything happens. If he waived appeal, or 30 days elapse, then he’ll be on the next available flight. Generally, flights leave for Mexico regularly, but say, to Nepal, quite rarely indeed.

There is no bond for a detainee who is awaiting deportation. If ever there was a flight risk, that would be your fella! However, if the BIA appeal is successful, and a remand is had, you should be able to avail yourself of the six month rule (primarily in the 9th circuit, but arguable everywhere). Ping me if you need more information on this.

You can file an appeal and ask for a stay of removal pending appeal. You need to ALWAYS ask. Although, technically this should be automatic…trust nothing. I’ve actually had folks deported during their appeal and then subsequently win the appeal…and they are in yonder land. ALWAYS ask.

Do you have a question about deportation relief AFTER an immigration court hearing? Call us immediately as time is of the essence. Oh, and never waive appeal rights. 703-402-2723 or 1-800-579-9864.

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