Family Law Seminar – January 15, 2015

Immigration Class – December 18, 2014

Hanover Law provides training to other practioners in criminal law, family law, immigration law, court practice, and brief writing. Below are several files related to our teaching programs. We would be delighted to discuss individual training programs and group classes. Hanover Law courses are accepted for CLE credit in Virginia, with carry over credit to most states.

Asylum/Immigration Court Videos Avaialble! Training videos for bond, asylum, experts, and direct examination of witnesses in immigration court are now available. A complete set (two videos) is $150. Contact us at to Order Videos and to get your copies today!

Asylum/Immigration Court Tactics Class (01-02 August 2016)

Immigration Seminar 2014


L1/International Business (Washington, DC December 2016)

  • L1 Visas.pptx (power point) Power Point slides covering L1 procedures, and business formation in the US. These are from a presentation to the International Trade Counsel on 02 December 2016.
  • Class outline Additional notes and pointer/guidelines on L1 approval process. Discussed at the International Trade Counsel presentation on 02 December 2016 in Washington, DC.


 Federal Garnishment Information (Collection Tactics 2016)

 FLSA Settlement Examples (2017)

  • GENERIC settlement agreement FLSA.pdf Settlement agreement that contains all required components of an FLSA agreement per Dorian Cheeks v. Freeport Pancake House, Inc.. See 29 USC 201 et al.
  • GENERIC Joint Motion FLSA.pdf After a settlement is signed, a Court must approve. This is the motion to accompany the memorandum below.
  • GENERIC Joint Memorandum FLSA.pdf This memorandum explains the settlement to the Court, and expressly links attorney fees and a “bona fide” dispute to the settlement (required).
  • GENERIC Order FLSA.pdf To be accepted, the motion must include a proposed order (see attached for exact wording), and a copy of the settlement agreement.
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