At Hanover Law, we strive to be attentive and responsive to our clients. While every case is different, and we cannot promise the same results for any two situations, we can and do assure you that your satisfaction is extremely important to us. From candid answers, to rapid responses, we pride ourselves in ensuring that each person feels like he or she is the most important client at the firm. Here are what customers have to say about our law firm:

Thank you!! you are the best relief to me all the time 🙂

M. Choi, Esq.

discussing assistance he received with his immigration asylum case, 2017.

Thank you for your generosity in sharing your knowledge! I pick out your responses on all e-mails…just to learn from your response

I. Castillo, Esq

immigration attorney, Florida, 2016

Good news! Thanks for the heads up. You guys are awesome!


client who won his appeal case in DC, September 2016

I was looking at deportation, but now I get another chance. Thank you so much

Mr. Hanover! K.M.

Immigration client who won a hard fought 42A cancellation case in 2016.

I was crying. My whole family was crying. 12 years — and it is finally over!

R. S.,

immigrant who received CAT/Withholding from El Salvador, Feb 2017

Your assistance was fantastic! Can’t recommend you enough for immigration matters

M. Maurelo, Esq.

regarding CIMT determination. 2016

I still own my business and I’m paying less then when I first bought the restaurant. This is unbelievable. I never thought we would get this. We win! — A very happy


2015, after civil victory (corporate).

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