I was recently contacted via our website with the following question:

I am an Attorney in Des Moines Iowa. My paralegals were at the Las Vegas conference. You presented at that conference and you mentioned that you can get EADs for clients in proceedings with a defensive asylum. No attorney in the Omaha court has been able to get EADs. Do you have a legal basis so that I may challenge the Judge on this issue?

You are required to file a copy of the Asylum application with USCIS after you submit it with the court (as you know). That starts the clock. At that point 8 CFR 208.7(a)(1) applies. That reads:

(a) Application and approval. (1) Subject to the restrictions contained in sections 208(d) and 236(a) of the Act, an applicant for asylum who is not an aggravated felon shall be eligible pursuant to §§ 274a.12(c)(8) and 274a.13(a) of this chapter to request employment authorization. Except in the case of an alien whose asylum application has been recommended for approval, or in the case of an alien who filed an asylum application prior to January 4, 1995, the application shall be submitted no earlier than 150 days after the date on which a complete asylum application submitted in accordance with §§ 208.3 and 208.4 has been received.
Further, see INA 236(a)(3) indicates that work permits are permitted for folks in removal procedures if they would otherwise be permissible outside of the removal procedure (this triggers 208.7(a)(1)). As long as your fella is not an agg fel or otherwise precluded on bad-acts grounds, you’re hot!

Remember, you file the I-765 with USCIS, not the Court.

The code to use on the EAD application is (C)(8).

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